How To Order

How to order cards from


Choose the card you like from the catalogue.
Either choose it from the front page, or the catalogue. You can just order one card, or order more than one card with friends to save money.


Enter your details into the form.
If you are stuck, the form fields have hints and tips if you hold the mouse or pointer over the field.


Take a nice photograph and upload it, or post a photograph in to us (not recommended as it is slower)


Enter your delivery address
 This address is where your cards will be delivered so it must be a real name and address.


Enhance your card with a UV overlay
or add some extra cards for yourself at a very low cost.


Print out the form or follow the instructions on screen to fill out a form by hand.


Post your completed form, plus payment(NO COINS) to the address on the form


Wait for the advised time and your cards will arrive in the post.

Waiting times (if living in Ireland)


Pay by Cash : Fastest Method, 2 – 6 days to return your card from ordering.

Pay by Postal Order / Money Order : Medium Speed Method, 3 – 6 days to return your card from ordering.

Pay by Cheque : Slow Method, 7 – 10 days to return your card from ordering.

Order Tracking


You can track your order online, but it will only appear on our system when we have received it. If there is a problem with your order, we will email you.

All cards sold by are novelty use only..