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Welcome to IrishFakeID.com - the home of quality Irish novelty fake ID for the island of Ireland

Irelands #1 Source for Legal Fake ID

Welcome to irishfakeid.com, where top quality legal fake ID's for Ireland are available at the right price! With four cards specifically designed to cater for Irish customers, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for here.

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About our fake ID cards

Our fake ID cards are legal, as they are not copies of any existing card. Our cards are designed by a team of qualified and experienced designers, with quality and effectivness in mind. We have several years experience in fake ID production and have applied this to the design of our cards.

Fast Card Printing Service

Your fake id card is printed on the day we receive your order. This is the fastest printing service offered anywhere.

Excellent Customer Services

We have online order tracking, automatic emailing when we receive your order, and a fast email reply time.

Top Quality Card Printing

Our cards are printed using the best quality blank cards and consumable printer media, providing sharp images, incredibly detailed microtext and excellent quality colour reproduction.

Best in class card printing equipment

We use high definition card printers which laminates the image to the card, along with high detail hologram overlays to provide an excellent quality, durable fake ID card.