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We’ve meticulously created eight visually striking and highly effective fake IDs, exclusively for the Irish market. Relying on our experienced design team, the cards are pleasing to the eye, effective, and detailed.

We print our exquisite designs on premium plastic card stock using the latest HD (high definition) plastic ID card printing equipment. Our setup, costing tens of thousands of Euros, incorporates cutting-edge technology in every facet of ID design, printing, and production.

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Customising your ID card is incredibly straightforward with our user-friendly mobile-first form. Start by adding your details, then upload a photo from your Camera Roll or take a new one. Next, select from our assortment of AI-generated signatures or create your own on-screen. Lastly, provide your delivery address.

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Professionally Designed Cards printed by Experts.

Our expertly designed and professionally printed cards reflect over a decade of experience in creating top-notch identification cards.

We use our expertise to deliver the best to you. Our cards are printed on superior quality card stock using state-of-the-art printing equipment. Your photo and details are rendered in stunning 600dpi HD full colour retransfer printing. Each card comes loaded with features like colour gradients, intricate background patterns, and robust poly-hologram overlaminates.

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Our commitment to quality means we invest in the most up-to-date plastic card manufacturing equipment. Combined with advanced security designs, this creates the best fake ID you can get on the internet today.

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If you’ve any questions, before or after you buy, we’re here to help. Online order tracking updates you automatically when we receive your order.

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We’ve been retailing legal novelty ID to thousands of happy customers for over 10 years. Order with us and you’re guaranteed to get your card delivered.

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