2023 National Identification Card (new)
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2023 National Identification Card (new)


A great new fake ID for Ireland.

Card Title Options : Drivers License or National Identification.

Completely new and only available on irishfakeid.com, this is an excellent quality ID card. Designed from scratch with modern features and details, it’s an unbeatable card printed using cutting edge printing equipment.

We believe this to be the most effective ID card you can get anywhere.

Full colour printed both sides in High Definition with durable hologram overlay.

⚠️Read our disclaimers here.
This is in no way an official document and cannot be used to legally drive a vehicle anywhere.


Front of Card

Choose for your picture to be printed in black and white or full colour.

Pick an autogenerated signature or sign on the form and we will print your custom signature.

Card Details :

Comprising may detailed segments to create an overall visually impressive card. Predominantly pink with navy detailing.

A durable overlaminate is applied to the front surface of the card to protect the print and improve effectiveness.

Reverse of Card

Data grid populated with autogenerated information based on your provided data.

Add an optional UV overlay for extra security features.

Product Information

This card is the exact same thickness, size and shape as a credit card or bank card. It is 86mm wide by 54mm high. This is the CR80 ISO 7810 standard size.

Printed on 60%/40% PET/PVC card stock for durability, flexibility and long life.

Custom print registered film lamination with globe design is applied to face of card using great heat and pressure.