How to order from

It's simple and easy to order a card, it takes only five minutes.

Follow the step by step instructions below.

Total Time Needed: 5 minutes

Equipment you need

- A computer or a phone

Materials you need

- An envelope & a stamp
- A pen & piece of paper
- Payment : cash, cheque, postal order or bitcoin

Follow these steps to get your card

Step 1 : Pick the Card You Want from Our Range
Choose from any of the cards in our range.
Step 2 : Fill out the form with your details
Add your card details, photo and delivery address into the form.
Step 3 : Check your card in the preview
You will be shown a preview of what your card will look like. If there are any errors, go back and change them. Once you're happy, press submit.
Step 4 : Write out order number
You will get an order number. You need to write this number and your email on a piece of paper.
Step 5 : Send in order number with payment
Put the order number and payment into an envelope, seal it with sellotape. Post this envelope to the address provided.
Step 6 : Wait a bit..
We'll email you once payment is received and make your card the next day.