Frequently Asked Questions About Fake ID

Below you will find detailed answers to most of the questions we regularly receive from customers. If the info you require is not below, please contact us.

Please note that if you email us a question that is covered below, you will not get a response.

We will reply to you if you have a query about a card not received.

Questions about card delivery


When will I get my card after sending?

We print the card orders the day we receive them. However it can take a while for your letter to arrive to us. We then post it back to you which can take some time. Please allow up to one week for the letter to get back to you.

How is it delivered?

The card is delivered in a plain white envelope with a return address in the UK, plus an Airmail logo. The card itself is placed between a heavy card letter which we send out.

Can I have it delivered to a different address?

You can have the card delivered to any address, but please note you must have the name of the person who lives there. If you put your name as the delivery address, and you don't live there, the chances are that the postman will send it back. This is the number one reason for non-delivered cards.

What if it gets lost in the post?

If the card gets lost in the post, or refused, or returned by the postman as unknown, we will get the letter back in a few days. We will then email you, if you entered your email correctly in the form. It is for this reason that we recommend putting your email address in the form.

How do I get group orders delivered?

Please see this section about group orders.

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Questions about cards


What are the cards printed on?

The cards are printed using a high definition process, which fuses the printed image to the plastic card. The cards used are credit-card sized plastic PVC cards. The cards look and feel exactly like plastic credit cards or ATM cards.

Can I get a hologram overlay?

All cards come with a hologram overlay as standard.

What is an UltraViolet overlay?

We can print an overlay on the card in UltraViolet ink. This ink is only visible if a UV blacklight is shone on it. A similar type of printing is used in bank notes. This is a high security feature and is unique to fake ID cards, available exclusively from

Can you make me a fake passport?

No, if you ask us by email to do this, your details will be passed to the police.

Can you make me a fake driver's licence?

No, this is illegal, and even if you do make a fake driver's licence or get your hands on one, it's illegal, and of no use as all details are checked against the National Driver File. It's a serious offence to replicate or utter a replicated or forged instrument such as this.

Can you make me a fake Garda National Age Card?

No, as this would be illegal. To get a Garda National Age Card, click here for the form.

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Questions about payment


How can I pay for these cards?

You can pay for the cards in many ways.

Paying by cash

Paying by cash in Ireland is reasonably safe, we don't encounter much theft. If anything, money gets lost because people don't seal the envelopes properly.

If paying by cash, please do not send coins, please seal the envelope with sellotape, and do not use a window envelope.

If you pay by coins we will keep your money and not return your card. DO NOT pay using coins!

Paying by postal order

Postal orders are available from any local post office, and cost about €1.50 for a €20 postal order. The post office print the amount on it. Please leave the payee field blank. Do not write anything on the postal order, just put it in the envelope with the form and photograph.

If you write anything on the postal order, you will lose your money and not get a card!

Paying by cheque, money order or bank draft

Please make all cheques, money orders or bank drafts made out to "PRINT". Do not make it out to any other name, your order will either not be delivered or will be delayed.

Paying by credit card

Credit card payments and photo uploading coming soon.

Paying by UKash, Moneybookers etc

We cannot accept any method of online payment.

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Questions about tracking and complaints


What happens if there's a mistake on my card?

If the mistake is our fault, e.g. wrong card, card printed upside down, blank reverse of card, no UV overlay as ordered etc, we will replace it at no extra cost to you.

Please contact us using the form on this site and tell us of the mistake. Please send us the card serial number (a six digit number beginning with 1) and your delivery details.

If you make a mistake, e.g. putting in the wrong date of birth, misspelled name etc, we cannot change, amend or alter your details on your behalf. You must make another order.

We may, at our discretion, reprint a card where the photo or signature submitted was of inferior quality.

I got someone else's card in the post, what do I do?

Please contact us with details of your order using the online form. We will reprint the correct card, and send you a stamped addressed envelope to return the incorrect card to us.

My card never arrived, and I sent away for it ages ago.

Please contact us with details of your order using the online form, giving detail about your order, including tracking code.

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