How to buy an authentic fake Irish Driving Licence online

A real Irish Driving Licence belonging to a scam victim

Are you looking for an authentic, 100% accurate copy of an Irish Driving Licence?

There’s loads of sites out there offering fake licences. They are all scams.

We do not sell or offer any kind of copy of an Irish Driving Licence or Passport. Don’t ask us to do this, we will ignore you.

Why are there so many scam sites?

There are a couple of reasons :

  • It’s totally impossible to make a 100% accurate version of the current Irish Driving Licence.
  • It’s illegal to do so, so any seller has to rely on cryptocurrency (untraceable) to take payment
So instead of going to all the risk and hassle of offering illegal fake ID, why not just scam people? There are numerous scams out there, operating on websites and over WhatsApp.

The scammers have two goals here; get money off you, or worse, get your accurate details and photograph so they can steal your identity. This means the scammers have your identity, they can take out loans, open bank accounts and do all sorts of evil shit with your personal information.

Never, ever give someone your personal details like PPS number over WhatsApp.

It is always going to be a scam.

What does the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001 say about Fake Drivers Licences?

Section 25 of this act “Forgery” refers to the manufacture of a false instument with the intention that it shall be used to induce another person to accept it as genuine.

Then, if you actually could buy a 100% identical copy of an Irish Driving Licence, it would be an offence to have the false instrument in your possession (Section 29 – Custody or control of certain false instruments, etc.)

So you have this magical Fake Driving Licence in your hands, and you go down to the local off licence in your rented car to buy some Drambuie.

You provide the licence as proof of your adultivity. You are now guilty of an offence under Section 26 – Using a False Instrument.

This offence carries a sentence on conviction of a term not exceeding 10 years imprisonment.