How do fake ID scanners work? Will my fake ID scan?

Short answer – no it won’t scan, don’t try beat the scanner, they’re just too good.

Fake ID Scanners are used in venues with an age restriction. It can be legally and financially damaging for a venue to allow people under the age of legal alcohol consumption to be on premises.

Fines and licence suspensions can be issued, not to mention the reputational damage a club or pub can suffer if it becomes known for underage drinking.

Venue operators use ID scanners which are commercially available to deter usage of fake ID cards.

What a fake ID scanner does

The scanners have a few functions, which are not mutually exclusive, namely :

Provide an audit log of everyone attending an event.

If ID scanning and checking is mandatory, a database of genuine names and photos can be built. In the event of violence or assault, the database can be cross referenced with CCTV and security team knowledge to identify suspects.

Differentiate real and fake ID cards.

Scanners do this by comparing the subject card to a model card held within the system. Positioning of graphic elements and text on the subject card are compared to the model card. Discrepancies above a certain level mean the machine fails the card.

All cards will “scan” in an ID card scanner, inasmuch as the data on the card will be recognised and displayed on screen, however any fake or novelty ID will be detected as a fake.

ID Scanners have become better in recent years, with superior levels of accuracy.

⚠️ For this reason, NO fake ID card will pass a scanner, regardless of what the website says.

The scanners are looking for details that are impossible to replicate for the average fake ID manufacturer.