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1. Reliability


Have you ever been burned by fake ID scam sites? There are a lot out there! We have been trading reliably for many years, and have a reputation as the best fake ID website in the world. You are guaranteed to receive any order you make with us. We are honest – in order to accept cheques, we require a bank account – which in turn requires credit and security checks. No other fake identification site anywhere on the internet accepts cheques.

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2. Many years of trustworthy trading


Over the years we have supplied many legal novelty fake ID cards with a high rate of satisfaction from our customers. Don’t risk your hard earned cash with another company that could easily turn out to be a fake ID scam. The web is full of scam sites – they’re very easy to set up! We’ve been making fake ID cards for over 10 years – you’re guaranteed to get your novelty ID card when you order from us. We produces fake ID cards Monday to Friday, 52 weeks of the year.

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Our card production facility is top of the line and uses only the best quality high security card printing technology. We use highly-recommended gold standard consumables and inks, along with holographic overlays specifically designed for our printers. We combine sturdy blank plastic cards, bold inks and holograms with the best card printing equipment to create incredibly impressive fake ID cards. We use advanced image retouch and placement techniques, so your photo and signature are digitally cleaned and enhanced for that virtually genuine look and feel.

All Fake ID UK cards are produced using pre-printed ID card templates, personalised using a High Definition Printing process. The HDP printers we use cost upwards of £5000 each, providing you with a premium fake ID. We also use integrated card laminators to apply a secure holographic overlay to each card, free of charge.

5. Widest Range of Features


Our fake ID cards carry the most extensive range of intricate features, from custom UV-activated panels, holographic overlays and microtext to tactile barcodes, scanned signatures and more. These features and our attention to detail combine to create an impeccable, visually stunning ID card.

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Our cards are produced right here in the UK, so our delivery times are quicker than any other novelty fake ID site. Our many years of trading and experience in fake ID card manufacture ensure maximum efficiency in production and delivery. All cards are shipped from our printing facility the same day the order is received, which means that you get your fake ID fast. We’re the only fake ID website to offer such blisteringly quick delivery.

7. Great Customer Service


We answer all emails promptly, usually within 24 hours. Our online tracking service notifies you when your order is received, and when it is sent out, so you don’t end up wondering where your order is.

8. Discounts for Multiple Cards


The more fake ID cards you order, the less you pay for each one! Why not get your friends together and order several to share the savings? You can save up to 50% per card! We offer great discounts on bulk buys – check out the discount prices on each card page.

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