Prices, Discounts and Special Offers

Our special offers are suited towards groups of friends ordering cards, as well as those seeking to make a few quid on the side by reselling our cards.

Making a group order?

All you have to do is order a card for every person (make sure to choose UV option). Then, get the total amount due from the table below, send in all the forms at once with the appropriate payment.

In order to avail of free UV overlays (for 3 or more cards), you must order 3 or more cards and choose the UV option in the card order form.

Euro Card Prices

All cards €25,

Add a UV layer to any card for €5 per card.

Discounts when you buy 3 or more cards.

Order 3 or more of any card at any price to get a free hologram and UV overlay on every card.

To avail of special discounts, simply order cards as normal and send all forms in the one envelope.

How to pay for cards
No. of Cards Premium Cards Premium Cards with UV
All cards available to order when you buy 8 or more cards